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BEAUTY NEWS: What’s New at Urban Decay?

December 26, 2009

by Shari Emami

Upgrade your look :

306Bad makeup can happen to anyone and a lot of times to  good people. It is generally never intentional. However, not to worry anymore! Just use this item: Limited Edition Lipstick Cap by Urban Decay.To upgrade, simply remove the original lipstick cap and then click on the luxury lipstick cap. Perfect for the girl on the go!
294It can be worn alone or over any Urban Decay Lipstick. Prices start at $15. For more information go
Uraban Decay
Eco Friendly Packaging Meets Top of the Line in Beauty: ( A Breakthrough in Beauty)

Urban Decay's Sustainable Shadow Box

Did the sweater that grandma give you for Christmas make you gag? Dying to make some type of return? God bless your grandma for trying. A great day after Christmas gift would be the sustainable shadow box from Urban Decay. It comes in Eco- responsible packaging and is made out of bamboo. It also is decorated by Urban Decay design specialists. Imagine that you could use something that is biodegradable and holds the key to beauty. All eye-shadows are mineral based as well.
This amazing palette comes in a variety of colors such as neutrals, earth tones and more wild picks. Prices start at $ 36. Available at Macys,
A Beautiful Start With  a Primer

Primer Lotion

Midnight Cowboy Eye Shadow

The extra large eyeshadow primer potion is a top seller now. It also comes boxed with two luscious eyeshadow colors. My favorite is midnight cowboy because of the color and texture. It also provides a hint of sheen and glitter. For more info
go to


Top 10 Green Gifts to Give this Holiday Season

December 24, 2009

by Kimberly Fisher

It is that time of year again. It’s the season to give your loved ones, co-workers, friends and family the gifts that have been on their wish list for the whole year. So what do you give the eco-conscious guy or gal that has it all? Check out this list for 10 great green gifts for the holiday season.


Sort of Coal

It’s not what you think! Really! The eco-friendly company Sort of Coal takes Korean and Japanese white charcoal and uses it as a natural humidifier, not to mention nifty design piece. Can be found at Design Within Reach for $25-$130.

Letters Lubell

Letters Lubell offers stationary, cards and notebooks printed on recycled paper and cotton with soy ink. Great for the modern day $7-$16.

Ian Saude Cashmere Scarves

Ian Saude Cashmere Scarves

Everyone loves cashmere, and what better gift than a scarf made from free-range goats in Mongolia that are hand-looped in Napal? No harm is done to the animals, and the finished product is plush yet cozy. $295. at

Field of Dreams Jewelry

Field of Dreams Jewelry

Elva Fields recycles old family heirlooms and vintage jewels into one-of-a-kind pieces. From $170 at

organic cook books

Organic Cookbooks

For the seasoned chef or a the exploratory newbie, an organic cookbook is the way to go. Some titles to try: “Earth to Table: Seasonal Recipes from an Organic Farm”, “Food to Live by” and “Simply Organic”.

presso espresso maker

Presso Espresso Maker

Super sleek and made from recycled aluminum, no coffee junkie will be able to resist. $140.

charitable donations

Charitable Donations

Choose a favorite green charity and make a donation in someone’s name. Some to check out: and

gaiam 750ml waterbottle

Gaiam 750ml Aluminum Water Bottle

Help save the planet by using a refillable water bottle. BPA free and comes in a variety of colors.

burts bees

Burt’s Bees Products

Check out these all natural beauty products for the lips, face, body and hair.

eco me dog kit

Eco Me Dog Kit

Give Fido the gift of being eco friendly this holiday season with the Eco-Me Dog Kit. This 100% natural kit is reusable and recyclable and a great gift for dog lovers.

Virgins Going Green

December 21, 2009

by Shari Emami

Ever wonder what makes “green” fashion so popular? Could it be its biodegradable fabric? You may not know this, but before all the hype of “green products” and going -green fashion, there was a line that started in 2006 that was a breakthrough in both durability as well as sexy style. The clothing line I am talking about today is Sworn Virgins.

Roshanne & Alex, Founders of Sworn Virgins Clothing

I had the chance to sit down with Roshanne, in her showroom and interview her to find out what makes her products so unique. As I walk into the 5th floor at the California Mart, I notice the brightly lit room and friendly faces. I got to know Roshanne and realized that her vision is something that was far more concocted before any previous idea. Her eco- friendly line has a main ingredient, which is the bamboo fiber. It helps minimize chemical dyes in production. The bamboo fiber they use is extremely eco- friendly also because it has no pesticides and is biodegradable. It is also cost-effective as well as easy to dye and manufacture. This allows production to be done locally, so there is less cost in producing the line. The bamboo fiber used in the knits also does not hold any odor, unlike cotton fabrics. According to Roshanne, one of the most exciting parts of her job is when she sees the products out there and gets re-orders.

Not only are the clothes very convenient, but they are also stylish and affordable. Worn by some of the top celebrities like Paris Hilton and Marcia Cross, the clothes are beautiful and nice on the wallet. Prices start at $50 and can range to $120. One of the tops worn by Marcia Cross was used by making Coca- Cola bottles fused with hemp fibers. All in all, the idea and concept is interesting, but it makes for a very sexy top!

One of my favorite items is the Nadia and Sophia dress which are both traditional jersey dresses that are wearable made from the bamboo fiber. They also have reversible fabrics that can be worn day and night. The bamboo jersey tops have a wonderful cowl drape and there are a variety of dresses that flatter all figure types. So not only can you look great, but you can also wear something great that is good for the environment. Now that is something to think about next time you recycle those Coca- Cola bottles. Who knows, maybe you’ll run into Marcia Cross?

More info log onto

Source citation: Interview with Roshanne Aghelvi- 2947 East 44th Street Vernon, Ca

Fashion Designers Going Green

November 26, 2009

Fashion Designers Going Green

by Shari Emami

In a world full of leather, fur and animal prints it seems rather unusual that the fashion industry would take interest in doing something “good” for the public as well as the environment. However, lately it seems that the opposite is true. Now we can attribute “going green” as  a new wave of trends that are going to environment- conscious folks.  According to reporter Kim Dean, designers are now using non-toxic dyes and fabrics produced without the use of pesticides. “Going green is the new black” she says.

I had the chance to go to New Mart in downtown LA and interview a designer for “Organic Calfornia Rising,” clothing line. According to her, L.A’s market week, ( which is a week just for buyers , exhibitors and retailers ),  has changed to a green and environmental- friendly  focus in fashion.  She says ” It’s a great opportunity to make people aware of the luxury and high- end line as well as do something good for the public.” As reported by the Women’s Wear Daily magazine, high- profile designers such as Jil Sander, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Narcisco Rodgriguez are all jumping on board and  signing up for Earth’s pledges Future Fashion, ( which is a charity organization geared to raise awareness for eco- minded people).

Green Ingeo Fibers

However I could not help and ask myself,  isn’t all of this rather expensive? I mean the cost to make a garment is rather pricy, will business’s benefit from all this? Is there a lot of sacrifice here to make a piece using eco-friendly fabrics? According to Women’s Wear Daily ( WWD) magazine, ingeo fibers ( man – made fiber/material and re- usable fibers, made from plants instead of oil ),  cost 10-15 percent more  than regular cotton. However companies such as Moral Fenar, Elisa Jimenez and Nadia Fassi explain that it is well worth it to spend that much more if it means creating something good for the environment and public. It is also not hurting their business as going green seems to be a growing and staying trend.  This is rather refreshing news and I am soon to discover that fashion designers are not just out for profit. They have the public’s interest and  well – being in mind .Some of the most well known designers like Miu Miu are using scraps from the cutting-room and saving them for handbags and garments.

I have learned a lot from this industry as well as what is in “vogue” sometimes isn’t what you think it may be. I also discovered that what may profit a business can sometimes be what you least expect. “Going green is the new black” really is a profound statement. Not only are fashion designers “smartening” up, but they for sure have the public’s interest in mind, which for so long has not been a priority of this business. It’s not just about wearing something extravagant off the runway, if it’s extreme and good for the environment, then its all the better.

Source citation

Riley- Katz, Anne ” Earth Friendly Fashion”- WWD ( 2008)

Strugatz, Rachel ” Designers Push Eco- Friendly Fabrics ( Nov 2009)

Bourne, Lead ” Going to Pieces ” – TIME magazine Spring 2008

Reporter- Kim Dean ( Raleigh, NC)-

A Green Day In Palos Verdes

November 23, 2009

A Green Day in Palos Verdes

by Kimberly Fisher

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we only borrow it from our children”.

This ancient proverb is one of many  reasons as to why green vacations are a new and trendy way to travel for the jet set that don’t want to leave a carbon footprint on their favorite planet.  “Eco Travel” can be defined as “Responsible travel to natural areas, which conserves the environment, contributes to the local economy and minimizes your impact.” These trips can not only be good for the environment, but great fun.

Terranea Resort - Palos Verdes, California

Check in to the brand new Terranea Resort, an oceanfront earth-friendly eco-resort located in the rolling green hills of Rancho Palos Verdes. Not only is the gorgeous resort green, with a commitment to environmentally sustainable practices and energy conservation efforts, but the critically acclaimed restaurants feature an emphasis on local and organic foods.  The resort was created with understanding to its native environment and sustainability. The 582 neutral colored rooms feature patios and balconies awash with natural light, and unparallel views of the Pacific Ocean and pristine grounds. When venturing out of your comfortable adobe, the hotel has an on-staff trained naturalist for guided tours and will provide transportation within 5 miles, including to the nearby Trump Golf Course. Complimentary yoga and Pilates classes add to the list of green and healthy amenities at Terranea.

Start off your exploration with a healthy, environmentally-friendly bike ride tour. Not only do you get to take in all of the different sights and sounds the Rolling Hills has to offer, but you get a wonderful workout in the warm Californian sunshine. Horse trails, ocean cliffs and tidepools are a typical site in the lush landscape of Palos Verdes.

Once you are done biking, visit the South Coast Botanical Garden, which is an oasis of lush landscaping. Over 150,000 landscaped plants call the garden home, as well as a family of ducks, geese, coots and heron. Several different gardens are showcased over the 87 acre property, including the Water-wise Garden, Herb Garden, English Rose Garden, Japanese Garden and Garden of the Senses. Over 2,500 different species come from places as far away as Australia and Southern Africa.

Abalone Cove

Abalone Cove - Palos Verdes, California

Exploring the scenic coastal drive is best by car. Palos Verdes Drive will take you by some of the most scenic spots in Palos Verdes. Leaving the Terranea Resort, head done to Abalone Cove. Named after the Abalone shells found on the beach, this remote beach is perfect for daytime hiking. Trails lead to Portuguese Bend to the left and Inspiration Point to the right. Further on down the way on the left hand side you will see a small little chapel. You have stumbled upon Wayfarer’s Chapel. This redwood, glass and local stone chapel were designed by the son of Frank Lloyd Wright. Lloyd Wright is said to have been inspired by his spiritual feelings after visiting a redwood forest.

Donald Trump National Golf Course - Palos Verdes, California

Continuing the drive you will come to your last stop, the Trump National Golf Club. This picturesque, open-to-the-public golf club sports a 45,000 clubhouse, 3 dining options, pro-shop, ballroom and conference rooms. After Donald Trump bought the property in 2002, he closed and remodeled location, reopening in 2006 with 18 holes. Stop into Café Pacific for a meal to be remembered. With sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, dine on a seasonal menu of fresh seafood, delectable meats or savory pastas. Try the strawberry Endive Salad followed by the pan roasted Miso Marinated black cod for a light but delicious meal.

What and Where:

Terranea Resort, 100 Terranea Way, PV, CA 310-265-2800

South Coast Botanical Garden 26300 Crenshaw Blvd. PV, CA

Wayfarer’s Chapel 5755 Palos Verdes Dr. South, PV, CA 310-377-1650

Trump Golf Course, One Ocean Trails Dr., PV 310-265-5000

Why Recycling Can, and Will Help You.

November 20, 2009

Why Recycling Can, and Will Help You
by Leontine Armstrong

Recycle through your weekly waste service!

Recycling isn’t something that is just important. It is really important! Please don’t think that just because you do not have the opportunity to recycle that you have to turn your back on it. If your time is limited, there are a few simple things that you can try that will ultimately be something that helps us all.

1. You can recycle things you might not even know about. You can recycle used paper that you printed out from your home printer. You can recycle batteries of almost any kind. You can recycle cans, cardboard, or even clothes.

2. Buy recycled goods such as cups, bags, plastic, clothes, or other merchandise. Stores and businesses all over the place offer great deals on recycled goods that you can buy.

3. Use recycled bags for grocery shopping instead of the plastic bags the grocery stores offer you. By doing this you are creating less demand for the use of the plastic bag that probably won’t even be recycled by the shopper.

4. Most food is biodegradable. If you have a garden use your eggshells, fruit peels, and left over vegetables to fuel it. This food that you can’t eat will help to create great compost for your garden. It’s a cycle of transferring energy from one thing to another, so go ahead and try it.

It’s really not unusual for people to recycle. There are several colleges such as California State University Chico, which has made a tremendous effort to encourage students and others to become a green campus. In many instances people don’t know about the great effects of recycling. When you do actively work at it, you’ll be helping yourself as well as others. In most cases recycling is being encouraged by companies and businesses so that we can witness the effects of recycling making a big difference.

Green Paint: What to Know Before Going Green

November 17, 2009

Green Paint: What to know before going Green
by Jonathan Lynch

While Spring cleaning season is not yet upon us, there are many things to consider while planning ahead for your large projects. One such task people are more prone to tackle is household painting. There is a lot to consider when picking out paints for your interiors and exteriors; colors, sheen, finish, texture, etc., but there are other factors that are just as important such as coverage, chemical makeup, and preparation. The most common types of interior paints are latex based Low VOC. A lot of people know that Low VOC paints are healthier and easier to use than the old lead based paints, but there are other things to know about paints as well before choosing your product. VOC’s are volatile organic compounds, found in multiple household products like cleaning products, sealants, and protective finishes. Two of these include chemicals such as Formaldehyde and Benzene which are known carcinogens.


Yolo Zero VOC Paint

Some people may think that low VOC paints are the golden ticket to better household painting, but this may or may not be the case depending on your situation. Low VOC paints are the latex based paints you commonly see in the stores. They have a large coverage area, dry quickly, and are easy to maintain, which makes them the most used paint type today for both interior and exterior projects.

You may be asking if low VOC paints are less toxic than lead based paints, why are people still concerned about their use? As everyone should know, proper ventilation is needed when painting any room. That “new paint smell” you have learned to admire is actually the VOC’s in the paint products being released to speed up the dry time. VOC’s can cause irritation to the eyes and respiratory system, and even more serious health problems when overly exposed. A study by the EPA said that higher volume VOC latex based paints release less than 50% of the VOC’s within the first year, which is another reason why low VOC products are better for both you and the environment. For people who have very sensitive respiratory systems, there is even another option, all natural paints. These have been around for a long time, and are milk and egg based. Since they are all natural and contain 0 VOC’s, they come in a much more liquid form. This increases both the application time, and the drying time, and also requires pre sanding and finishing.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Zerio VOC Paint

The one part about painting people always forget about is storage and disposal. Paints with VOC’s still continue to release their toxins over time and proper storage and disposal is very important.  If keeping partially used paint cans, seal the lid and store them upside down to prevent air from getting into the paint. VOC’s also cause landfill corrosion at toxic levels contaminating ground water and air quality when released into the environment. Check your local area to see if there is a paint disposal and/or recycling center. If you don’t have one of these facilities close by and would like to dispose of your latex based paint know this; Adding saw dust, cat litter, and non toxic hardeners to your paint dries out latex based VOC paint, bringing them to non hazardous levels for disposal.

After all of this information about VOC’s you are probably wondering what the best paint is for you to use in your upcoming project. Here are some of the household paint companies who have made an effort to make a more sustainable and health conscious product:

All natural paint

The Real Milk Paint Company

Zero VOC paint

AFM Safecoat, Benjamin Moore Pristine EcoSpec, Sherwin Williams Harmony, Yolo Colorhouse, American Pride

Low VOC paint

Benjamin Moore Aura, Benjamin Moore Saman

If you are trying to be more sustainable, look for re-blended and reprocessed paints as well. Re-blended paints are 100% recycled paint, and can contain VOC’s.  If you use these, they are recommended for exterior use. Reprocessed paints are made from recycled paint and up to 80% new material. This ensures the VOC levels are low and you have a more consistent color. Of course before buying any paint product, determine what the area of painting is going to be, what type of finish you want, and how much prep work you want to do. Having this information will help your local paint mixer find the right product for you.